The Perfect Homecoming In 5 Easy Steps

Ahhh, homecoming! I don’t care what they say about Christmas … HOMECOMING is the most wonderful time of the year! And you’ve waited for it! You’ve longed for it! You’ve dreamed sweet (and possibly dirty) dreams of it, and it’s almost here. But you want it to be perfect, right? Well, I’ve crafted a no-fail recipe for The Perfect Homecoming in 5 Easy … [Read more...]

I Gave Birth While My Soldier Was Away: 7 Ways To Make The Most Of This Bittersweet Time

Service members and their families make sacrifices every day. Sometimes that means missing the birth of a child. Here are three stories and three ways to make the most of baby’s arrival, inspire hope, and help you connect with your soldier during this special time. Sarah McCool (Germany) After trying for six months to conceive, my husband received a deployment … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Support A Military Spouse During A Deployment

While he’s away serving the county, she remains behind to take care of everything else. With the right support, an Army wife can successfully hold down the home front while staying happy and sane.   Here’s what you can do to give her a hand: 10. Be proactive. Army wives are tough cookies and won’t always ask for help. Start by asking, “What can I do?” … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Military Spouses Rock

What defines a military spouse? We’re a unique mix of men and women who silently serve in the shadows…waiting patiently for our spouses. We are mothers, fathers, full-time workers or caretakers, the cooks, nurses, cleaners, carpoolers. It can be all short of exhausting but it has provided me the most incredible experiences of my life. So in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation … [Read more...]

How to be an Army (Strong) Wife

Army Wife Life

I like to think that I can spot a new Army wife from a mile away. They are usually young. They are full of innocent optimism, patriotism and believe in the best case scenario. Three week training separations break their hearts. They are experts in all things Army, with no idea that, in reality, they don’t yet know anything. I can spot them because I used to be … [Read more...]